This Dog Tried Cleaning Up His Own Accident

Meet Pablo–AKA the chillest dog ever.

Via Twitter @Pablo3Bands

Pablo is the adorable pup of Twitter’s @BILLIEBAND$, a rapper from Texas.

He’s really just your average dog with his own Twitter account of over 2,000+ followers, no big deal.

But, the reason that Pablo has recently gone viral will have you laughing for hours.

As you know, Pablo is just a baby–and of course, even the toughest puppies in the world sometimes can’t control their urge to go.

Well, Pablo, being the innovative little guy that he is, tried to clean up his mess before BILLIEBAND$ would notice.

Via Twitter @Billie3Bands

Although BILLIEBAND$ still had to take over the situation, you can’t get mad at a pup for trying.

Good effort, Pablo.

If only all pets could be as efficient as Pablo.

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