The Child From The ‘Success Kid’ Meme Just Saved His Dad’s Life

Surely you’ve seen the infamous Success Kid Meme that first hit the Internet back in 2007–it’s only one of the most popular memes around and has been shared on the Internet millions and millions of times.

But now, 10-year-old Sammy Griner is known for something possibly even cooler–saving his father’s life.

In 2009, Sammy’s dad suffered kidney failure and was forced to go on dialysis. In an attempt to capitalize off of Sammy’s internet fame, a GoFundMe campaign was started last year to raise money for the kidney transplant.

The campaign was a huge success and raised over $100,000 in an effort to get Sammy’s father a kidney transplant.

Today, Sammy’s dad is living a healthy life after undergoing a successful kidney transplant, and it’s all thanks to his son’s Internet fame.

According to The Lad Bible, little Sammy is happy with just being a normal kid who could help his dad and even turned down a TV interview–

Laney Griner via The Lad Bible

“I’m really happy that I’m famous because I’m glad that people like it. I’m glad it makes people happy when they’re sad. I’m also really happy that I still have a dad.”