North Carolina Guy Catches Larger Than Life Catfish

Riahn Brewington was just fishing along the Cape Fear river at his favorite spot last week when he hooked the biggest catch of his life.

When he first snagged the ginormous beast he had no idea what he was in for–until he spooled his reel for the first time and was scared that he would lose it.

But, the second time the fish spooled him, Riahn knew that he was going to catch that huge sucker.

After snapping a photograph, Riahn being the dedicated catch-and-releaser that he is, released the massive catfish back into the water.

However, had Riahn kept the fish and measured it, he would’ve discovered that the 112-pound catfish was only 5 pounds short of the North Carolina State Record.

How insane is that fish?! What’s the biggest catch you’ve ever made?

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