Kim And Kanye Add A ‘Spa-nye’ To Their $20M Mansion Because Who Doesn’t Need A Personal Salon?

Kim and Kanye are the King and Queen of Hollywood, so it only makes sense for them to have a full-on castle as their residence.

The original plot of land was not big enough for the Kardashian-West family, so they bought the house next door for $2.9 million! Now, their $20 million estate is five, beautiful acres of land.


As if you weren’t envious enough already, the McMansion features a spa and hair salon for Kim, a two-story (yes, you read that right) playhouse positioned next to the basketball court, the gym, a recording studio, and a full-sized movie theater.

With amenities like that, Kim and Kanye will never have to leave their home. But what makes their estate a notch above other celebrity homes has to be the vineyard on the property.


Will Kanye be taking up wine-making? Who knows, but this mansion takes luxury to a whole new level.