John Cena Mocks Dumb Alabama Football Players In This Hilarious SNL Sketch

Saturday Night Live writers are known for creating the funniest, and, sometimes controversial, television comedy sketches. But, we have a feeling that Crimson Tide fans didn’t find this one too humorous.

In the sketch, the SNL episode’s host John Cena plays Ray, a Crimson Tide football player who is giving his final science presentation at the University of Alabama in front of some rather “stern” college professors. The sketch pokes fun at how colleges help their dumb football players pass their classes so that they can still compete in the big games.

Football player Ray presents his super-extensive analysis of bananas and even goes on to receive an A+ on his English literature final after studying “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

Watch the hilarious sketch for yourself!

What do you think–did Saturday Night Live take it a bit far?

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