Idina Menzel’s Hollywood Crush Surprises Her On TV!

Jimmy Kimmel is known for pushing the comedic envelope on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live! However, he gave his latest guest, Idina Menzel, the surprise of a lifetime!

Broadway star Idina Menzel visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday evening. After spending some time joking with Kimmel, Menzel accidentally admitted she has had a longtime crush on Hollywood hunk, Matt Damon.

When Menzel was still playing the role of Elphaba in the Broadway play Wicked, she always dreamed Damon would come backstage and praise her performance. But when her dream became a reality, it wasn’t the way she had imagined it would be.

“He looked like he hated Wicked,” she told Kimmel. “He just seemed so bored by it.” Jimmy took this as an opportunity to lift the actress’ spirits and connected her with Damon via video chat!

To Idina’s surprise, Matt loved Wicked and her performance!

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