Deadly 8-Foot Cobra Emerges Straight Out Of A Toilet

Imagine sitting down to do your business only to be rudely interrupted by a killer snake, bummer right?

Well, unfortunately for one family in South Africa this was a nightmare come true.

A South Africa snake wrangler was called to an apartment after an 8-foot cobra popped out of the porcelain bowl, shocking the poor unsuspecting victim.

Presumably, the enormous cobra sought shelter in the family’s toilet–or, it got itself lost in the building’s piping system.

Either way, this poor guy had the unpleasant job of trying to wrangle the vicious snake out–using a snake tube, no less (ironic, right?) And, the video does not disappoint.

How insane is this? What would you do if an 8-foot snake popped out of your toilet?

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