Australian Guy Made An Impressive Christmas Tree Made Entirely Out Of Beer Cans

If you thought your Christmas tree was the best one in 2016, then think again.

Wes Boyd of Perth, Australia crafted a glorious 14-foot Christmas tree made entirely of cans of Victoria Bitter beer.

7 News

Boyd, who is deaf, spent 14 months carefully constructing the impressive tree composed of 2,536 beer cans–and all for a great cause.

The father-of-four is using the monumental tree to raise money for Alzheimer’s Australia, collecting donations every night in December. The cause is dear to Boyd’s heart as his mother and grandmother were affected by the disease before they died.

But, how did Boyd collect the 2,536 beer cans you ask?

“Me and some mates love drinking VBs, and two to three mates have been bringing empty cans over here every week for the past 14 months,” he told Perth Now.

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